Tests Result Analysis

Toolium does not create a custom tests execution report. This is delegated to your favourite test framework (unittest, nose, pytest, lettuce, behave, …). But Toolium provides some useful features to analyze tests results.


Toolium internal logs are written in output/toolium.log. Your tests logs can be also written in the same file using the already existing logger instance:

[TestCase or PageObject]

[Behave steps]


Toolium makes a screenshot when a test fails and saves it into the folder output/screenshots/DATE_DRIVER_TYPE.

Besides, it’s possible to make a screnshot at any time during the test and it will be saved into the same folder:

[TestCase or PageObject]

[Behave steps]


When a test fails, Toolium downloads a video of the test execution into the folder output/videos/DATE_DRIVER_TYPE. This feature only works when the test has been executed in a Selenium Grid Extras or GGR grid node and the video recording has been enabled in grid. Both grids allow recording videos of test executions.

For example, to enable video recording in GGR, the following capability must be configured

enableVideo: true

In order to download the execution video even if the test passes, configure the property video_enabled in [Server] section in properties.cfg file

video_enabled: true

Webdriver logs

When a test fails during a remote execution, Toolium downloads webdriver logs into the folder output. Depending on the driver type, the webdriver will contain different log types, for instance, client, server, browser, driver, performance, profiler, logcat, bugreport, etc.

By default, when a test fails, toolium will download all log types available in current webdriver. But it can be also configured to download only a set of log types setting the property log_types in [Server] section in properties.cfg file

log_types: client,server

Notice that if using Chrome, log types can be enabled in capabilities section

goog___loggingPrefs: {'browser':'ALL', 'driver': 'ALL', 'performance': 'ALL'}

Also take into account that, to enable logs in GGR, the following capability must be configured

enableLog: true

In order to download webdriver logs even if the test passes, configure the property logs_enabled in [Server] section in properties.cfg file

logs_enabled: true