Driver Configuration¶

Toolium allows to run tests on web browsers (using Selenium) or on mobile devices (using Appium). To choose the browser or the mobile OS, configure type property in [Driver] section in conf/properties.cfg file with one of these values: firefox, chrome, iexplore, edge, safari, ios or android.

The following example shows how to choose Firefox:

type: firefox

If driver is not needed, typically in API tests, disable it using an empty string, api or no_driver:

type: api

By default, Toolium configuration is loaded from conf/properties.cfg and conf/local-properties.cfg files. If different properties files are used for different environments, they can be selected using a system property named TOOLIUM_CONFIG_ENVIRONMENT. For example, if TOOLIUM_CONFIG_ENVIRONMENT value is android, Toolium configuration will be loaded from conf/properties.cfg, conf/android-properties.cfg and local-android-properties.cfg files:


$ TOOLIUM_CONFIG_ENVIRONMENT=android python -m nose2 web/tests/


$ TOOLIUM_CONFIG_ENVIRONMENT=android python -m pytest web_pytest/tests/